Anthony’s story

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Meeting Anne Denny changed our lives and SleepTalk® has had an amazing, positive effect on the whole family.

My son Anthony began to experience problems once he started school aged 4. I was constantly called to the school by the staff because he was unsettled, being disruptive or disobedient. He seemed to be a round-peg-in-a-square-hole child at school. He has few friends and generally struggles to get on with his peers.

He is currently being assessed by CAMHS as it is suspected he may have mild Asperger's Syndrome.

I began SleepTalk® on Thursday 11th February 2010 just before half term. As instructed I waited until Anthony was asleep, approximately 40 minutes after he had gone to bed and followed the process. The following morning Anthony was very affectionate towards me. He is a fairly tactile child but this was different, he was very smiley and seemed very happy. He gave me a big hug and told me he loved me. This carried on for the next few days and over the weekend. The following week was half term. Anthony is allowed to stay up until 9pm during holidays but I kept to the process.

We were to go away on holiday the following week and as I was packing Anthony found my SleepTalk® prompt card. I was very worried and was not sure he should see it. However, after he had read it he hugged me and told me it was wonderful. I explained that I read this to him when he was asleep. He asked if I could also read it to him when I put him to bed. I started to do this from that night onwards.

Anthony has been calmer and his concentration at school has improved. His class teacher told me the staff have noticed a marked improvement in his school work and his behaviour. He managed to sit all of his SATS last month without incident - a major achievement! A year ago this would not have been the case. I have only been called to the school once since I started SleepTalk® and only because having been through a speech and language assessment Anthony had become very upset.

He has not become an angel and still has minor behavioural problems, but the difference in him is incredible.


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