Hari’s story

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Last week Hari said "it makes me FEEL really HAPPY when I draw pictures from Diary of a Wimpy Kid! This is a set of books he's reading. We then decided to get him to record himself on the webcam. There was a 40 sec clip of him reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid, 30 seconds playing the guitar and 30 seconds reading a poem his sister wrote when she was at his school.

I then said would you like to put that on a CD? - answer yes! Would YOU like to give it to your teacher or do you want ME to? Answer you can give it! No hesitation.

I spoke to his teacher and the Head and asked his teacher to watch the CD before the holidays and then perhaps, Hari and his teacher could watch it together and then slowly we could ask if Charlie (his good friend) could sit in with them and watch it again. His Head Teacher asked me if Hari wouldn't mind her watching it - I asked him - he said sure she can! All this has happened in the space of yesterday and today! His teacher just called me! Delighted!!!

Hari is now making a list of who else can see it (possibly his whole class and other teachers). This is fantastic. The good thing is that his teacher is watching his reactions very carefully and asks me before anything else will be introduced. We don't want to move too fast. He understands Hari MUST BE HAPPY with what’s been suggested.

I will talk to Hari tonight and make sure he is happy with everything and what he's happy with happening next.

His teacher also filled in the assessment form last week before all this news - should I post this to you? It's really looking positive (touch wood!). Thanks so much...


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