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Sleep Talk Therapy

We have two children, a girl aged 3.5 years and a boy, who is 1.5 years old. We had been concerned about our little girl who is (now, was) extremely challenging and constantly pushing boundaries. She was also prone to tantrums, was very sensitive, was prone to unreasonable behaviour and a sense of not being ‘happy’. We were very concerned.

Our daughter was 21 months old when our son was born. During that time she had impetigo, which became infected eczema and spread all over her body. She had to be hospitalised for a week. At the same time, our newborn baby boy contracted pneumonia and was also hospitalised. This I know impacted on our daughter's behaviour. She had illness, hospital PLUS sharing ‘Mummy’ with a newborn to contend with. It was a very traumatic time for her, so much so her hair fell out three months later.

We didn’t know what to do and I knew we had to get help and advice to prevent things getting worse. We just wanted Lucy to be a calm and happy child. We wanted to nip it in the bud.

Then we found Anne!

We booked on Anne's Core Skills course. My husband and I looked forward to our sessions as it gave us inspiration and hope. We learnt new ways to tackle our daughter's tantrums by using a positive approach rather than getting frustrated and cross with her. I can tell you, the results in a matter of days were remarkable. She would listen and respond positively. The techniques we were taught to use were amazing. It was like having a ‘lightbulb’ moment. It all made sense. The Emotions Coaching was difficult initially, but Anne reassured us and explained this was normal when parents first start and with practice, I can tell you, the difference in her behaviour was astounding. Helping her manage her anger and frustration by identifying with her emotions really works.

Anne also recommended that we learn the SleepTalk® process, which helps much more with emotional issues, because of the difficult time our daughter had had. It wasn’t always easy, especially to persevere continually even during times of despair! Together with the Positive Parenting it has helped to make our daughter much calmer and more reasonable. We will be using this nightly method until she is in her teens!

I think that ALL parents should have positive parenting. It’s a guide in the right direction for the future happiness of your child. Do it now!

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