Molly’s story

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We started SleepTalk® with Molly in November 2009 as I wanted her to bond with her daddy and to try and gain some confidence.

She cried if I tried to leave her to go to work, at parties, friend's houses, playgroups etc. Molly had also just had a new brother.

Initially as our diary shows Molly reacted to SleepTalk® very quickly and woke many times a night. This was not abnormal as she had just had a new sibling so was unsettled. Molly continued to be unsettled but gradually over a period of months she improved with her sleep. Her daddy found that if he spoke to her then she slept better. We tried this approach for a few weeks until she started to wake again so we went back to sharing.

Molly, over the months, did become much more settled with her daddy when I had to go to work and did not cry for ages when I left. It has taken until March of 2010 for Molly to be happy in new situations and being left at parties. She is now involved in holiday clubs, which she loves. She is now happy for me to go to work and does not get upset.

We tried to introduce new words into Molly's words at night but found as soon as we did she started to wake again. I spoke to Anne who said it was fine for us to continue with the foundation stage.

We have loved the SleepTalk® process and, although it has been much harder to do than we had realised, we are enjoying the benefits so much. We will continue to talk to Molly and her brother and hope that we build that foundation for them that they need.

Thank you Anne you have been wonderful and made such a difference to our lives.

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