Oscar and Elliot’s story

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My husband and I were introduced to Anne in November 2009 by a colleague who was using her services with great results with her little boy.

We have 2 sons ages 3 and 5, both diagnosed with Autism. We were having many issues with them from behaviour, eating, sleeping, communication, anxiety, low self-esteem, to name but a few.

After speaking to Anne and being reassured that the boys’ language and communication barriers would not be a problem for the therapy, we decided to try it out. We were warned that with our kids it might take longer to see results, however we saw Anne 3 months later for a review and were amazed at some of the results already.

Firstly our youngest, Oscar had some real breakthroughs with his eating. He has always been very reluctant to try anything new and had a very bland diet which also had to be pureed like baby food as he could not tolerate lumps and wouldn’t chew meat. He wouldn’t touch fruit (we spent a fortune on smoothies as it was the only way he would have it), he wouldn’t eat cake or hardly any biscuits, didn’t like jelly (texture) would only eat potatoes. By February he suddenly became more open to trying new foods, the food battles stopped almost overnight.

We were getting reports back from nursery that he was eating rice and chicken and sweetcorn (he never ate food with skins!) and that the chicken was chopped up, not pureed and that he was eating apples and bananas. We started trying him with new things at home like jelly and cake and different biscuits (all the things kids like to eat at parties and Oscar never ate any of it). Then he was munching on cake, jelly pots and was eating pears and drinking pure juices and eating oranges!

Today he will try everything we put in front of him (he doesn’t always like it but he will just pop it into his mouth and try it – not even smell or lick it first which is what he used to do). The food issue has been a major problem for us for the last 3 years and as he is on a special diet and we were always worried that he might not be getting all the nutrients due to his restricting diet. We are over the moon by his progress.

Oscar has also learned to read and write and can pick up any book and just read it. He can draw shapes and write their names next to them and he is teaching himself the piano (Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is his favourite!) He has started interacting more with his brother, Elliot, and he seems much happier in himself. His language has improved and he is bi-lingual (his father’s French). He never really used the French before so we were not sure he was coping with 2 languages, but all of a sudden he started using the French and he has been picking up Spanish from a television programme. He has calmed down more at Nursery and seems more focussed. He still has many issues but we are confident that we will be able to work through them with him.

With our oldest child, Elliot, the results have been more subtle. Elliot was never a tactile child, he didn’t like kisses and cuddles (he tolerated them) but since the SleepTalk™ we noticed that he became more tactile, coming to us for kisses and cuddles instead of us instigating it all of the time. He became more emotional and tearful for a while but gradually his confidence seems to have improved and so has his language.

He plays more with his brother, although his brother intimidates him and tries to dominate everything, they have moments where they are playing happily together. His confidence in his reading and writing have grown – before he would never attempt to write letters as he knew that it would never look like the picture in his head as his coordination wasn’t brilliant. But now he will confidently ask us what letter we want him to write and do it. He goes to bed much easier than before and is more willing to try new things.

We are thrilled with their progress so far and are now working closely with Anne to tackle some of their other issues.

For Elliot: Building on his self-esteem, especially with regard to his brother
For Oscar: Building on his separation anxiety from his mother and his unwillingness to share her with his brother

We are confident that these issues can be resolved with SleepTalk®.

Claire & Gilles

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