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Parenting Courses

Anne Denny teaches positive parenting courses for parents, for nannies and for people with children in their lives. Parenting skills can be learned, and just like everything else, the more we practice the better we can be.

Parenting course content covers many different parenting issues, some of which are :

  • Confidence
    How to motivate your child to co-operate and become more considerate by giving them descriptive praise when they get things right.
  • Love
    How to help your child manage and understand their feelings by talking about excitability, frustration and anger so they develop a close bond with you.
  • Success
    How to make home life happier and less stressful.
  • Communication
    How to support your child by listening to their opinions as a member of your family and by explaining your family values.
  • Discipline
    How to focus your child on what they do right by rewarding them; have clear rules about naughty or unsafe behaviour, have a consistent consequence system.
  • Independence
    Encourage good behaviour and habits in your child, show them attributes you want them to have as adults and teach them to be self-reliant. This includes boosting their confidence and enhancing their life skills.
  • Control
    Learn the skill of being in charge without being over controlling. Learn how to discipline positively and effectively, encouraging your child to learn and not to fear.
  • Harmony
    Foster positive relationships between siblings, teach them how to resolve conflict constructively and enable your children to make and keep friends.
  • Calm
    Structure your life so that when children misbehave you can access skills in keeping calm. Also understand the developmental stages and temperament of your children enabling you to assess whether your expectations are realistic.
  • What to do when Kids push your buttons
    Recognise and diffuse your 'buttons' to respond to children in more effective ways and draw on skills to react appropriately to challenging behaviour.

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How parenting courses work

Courses enable parents to understand the developmental stages and individual temperaments of children and discover whether your expectations of your children are realistic.

Parenting courses are 5 weeks or 10 weeks and run for two hours each week.

Classes run from 09:30-11:30am or 19:30pm-21:30pm.

Online Parenting Courses are COMING SOON 

Parenting Courses are held at private comfortable venues within the Richmond, Spelthorne and Hounslow Boroughs.

Groups are currently held in Twickenham, Hampton Hill, Teddington, Hanworth and the Whitton Corner Health & Social Care Centre or can be arranged conveniently within your own home.

Courses and/or talks can be held in conjunction with schools and nurseries.

Anne is happy to help with specific parenting issues via private appointment or on Skype.