10-Week Advanced Skills Course



We're delighted to be in preparations to launch this parenting course online in 2016.  So you can take the weekly sessions in your own time and at your own pace. AND re-take the course when you feel you need extra support or a refresher!

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Price: £675.00

Course Contents:

This course includes weeks 1-5 plus

Fostering Independence. Being in Charge. Sibling Harmony. Keeping Calm. When Kids push your buttons.

Week 6. Fostering Independence. Encourage good behaviour & habits, train your children to have attributes and life skills you want for them as adults, teach self-reliance which boosts confidence.

Week 7. Being in Charge. Learn the skill of being in charge without being over controlling. Learn to discipline positively and effectively encouraging self learning without fear.

Week 8. Fostering Harmony. Foster positive relationships between all your children and help them to make and keep friends and how to resolve conflict constructively.

Week 9. Keeping Calm. Structure your life so that when children misbehave you can access skills in keeping calm. Understand the developmental stages and temperament of your children to enable you to evaluate whether your expectations for your children are realistic.

Week 10. What to do when Kids push your buttons. Recognise and diffuse your 'buttons' to respond to children in more effective ways and draw on skills which enable you to reach appropriately to challenging behaviour.

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