5-Week Core Skills Course


5-Week Core Skills Course


We're delighted to be in preparations to launch this parenting course online in 2016. So you can take the weekly sessions in your own time and at your own pace. AND re-take the course when you feel you need extra support or a refresher!

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Price: £375.00

Course contents:

Descriptive Praise. Reflective Listening. Setting up for Success. Rules, Rewards & Consequences. Positive Discipline.

Week 1. Descriptive Praise. Help your child feel confident, happy to cooperate with you and become much more considerate of others.

Week 2. Reflective Listening. Help your child manage their anger, sadness, frustrations and develop a close bond with you. And identify, communicate and deal with their emotions.

Week 3. Help Children Succeed. Setting your children up to succeed prepares them for difficult situations and teaches them how to handle their frustrations in a variety of difficult situations.

Week 4. Rules, Routines, Rewards and Consequences. Help your child internalise your family values and cooperate as a member of your family.

Week 5. Positive Discipline. Enable your child to learn from their mistakes so they don't repeat them, without resorting to shouting or smacking.

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