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Anne's parenting course gave me a rare chance to look at the bigger family picture. Through the information given by Anne and shared stories of other parents I learned some invaluable techniques to help me to be the parent I want to be and to help my kids to be happier. As a result I feel empowered and life at home is improving every day. I am enormously grateful to Anne for her knowledge, sensitivity and enthusiasm for family matters. I can’t recommend the course enough. (extract)

Thank you very much for the course over the last few weeks. I have taken a good deal and it has definitely significantly improved my relationship with my daughter. I enjoyed the informal style of the course and the sharing of stories between us - this really helped me to challenge my assumptions and get some good ideas. I found the techniques simple and easy to try and your role play helped to give me ideas on how to use them.

Anne's approach to parenting support is second to none. If you want a calm, confident household where as a parent you feel in charge and in control (rather than a shouty referee) then Anne can really help. If you want to get the best out of your children Anne will show you how.

It's been just over a week and I have noticed my son has been much more cuddly towards us this week. We're still getting incidences every day of hitting and tantrums, but it does seem much less this week than before. And my son hasn't had many lunchtime naps either which I think is the main factor. He is definitely better with me this week though for sure, he’s sought me out for cuddles and play. I feel positive and think we'll see in-roads each week.

This course is a must as it provides answers, explanations and solutions to so many questions and issues that all parents face while bringing up a child.

I spoke to Anne on the phone today and mentioned a specific issue I'm having, she gave me some such useful practical advice about how to approach it. I'm really excited about the course! I think being able to share our experiences will make it much more useful than just reading a book.

I was emotional writing this. The difference in her behaviour since September has been amazing. She is a happier child - still moments of difficulty but we are using the methods regularly. THANK YOU.

Working with Anne has been the answer for me. Her guidance gave me the strategies and techniques to get things back into perspective

It is a great shame parenting courses, like Anne's, are not offered as an add-on to pre-natal classes. This course is a must as it provides answers, explanations and solutions to so many questions and issues that all parents face while bringing up a child. Anne is a fantastic facilitator and educator. She not only covers the core material but also provides useful feedback and advice tailored to each parent's issues and situation. I would highly recommend Anne's course.

It wasn’t always easy. I found that the process worked by persevering continually, even during times of despair! The emotions’ coaching felt awkward initially, but with practice, I can tell you, the difference in her behaviour was astounding. We had to practice managing her anger and frustration by identifying with her emotions. It really works. I think that ALL parents should have positive parenting. It’s a guide in the right direction for the future happiness of your child. Do it now!

Thank you for last night. As you said that you love your job because of the positive effect it has on people I thought I would let you know the following: I got home mentally and emotionally tired after our session knowing I had to get my stuff together for my very early start and then get to bed as quickly as possible. Just as I was about to hop in bed, my son woke. Crying loudly and moaning. It was the last thing I needed. But hey I was imbued with your words of wisdom, so I thought, well, no time like to present to try it out. I soothed him and using descriptive praise, reminded him of how well he’d slept last night and how he’d done very well this night ignoring the noises (the planes were very loud last night) etc. He nodded. He didn’t fight me. He cuddled me and settled back down to sleep. He didn’t wake again during the night and for the first time in months slept past his gro clock sun-rise and my hubby had to wake him. I believed you last night, but just that tiny triumph has spurred me on. I know there’s a lot of work to be done, but just knowing he wasn’t so stressed and relaxed enough to have a good sleep has made all the difference. So thanks again.

I am writing to you today in order to thank you for your great help with our children. We were recommended to you by another parent and immediately on our first visit to you we felt at ease. Your natural understanding of children’s issues and development was really apparent and your recommendations were easy to implement. We found an immediate effect in behaviour and confidence and after two years the effect has remained. I am grateful we were recommended to you and would suggest all parents consider your help to bring out the best in their children.

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