Wilf’s Story

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We came to Anne out of desperation, and how happy we are that she was recommended to us!

Our toddler was unbelievably angry following the arrival of a baby brother. It is no exaggeration to say that his behaviour was, at times, really terrible and difficult to cope with.

Anne not only explained everything very clearly but also provided much appreciated reassurance by giving us the support of being able to go back to her at any time.

The SleepTalk® programme could not be easier to follow. We saw results in the first few weeks and the programme undoubtedly helped solve the issues our elder son had; his behaviour improved quickly and dramatically, it was quite amazing.

By continuing to use the programme with both children we believe we are giving them an excellent start in life. We believe that SleepTalk® is very special and that every child of any age would benefit from it. We recommend SleepTalk® and Anne to any parent.


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